1300 Numbers and General FAQs

After witnessing the rate of success of the business inbound services for phones such as 1300 in Australia, the number of companies and business owners that are thinking about getting such service for their company or brand is increasing day by day. Many firms are looking for Simple Telecom on the internet as well.

There are some of usual but valuable frequently asked questions, which are asked by these companies which are planning to get these services and also the callers who dial these numbers frequently.

Some of the questions asked about 1300 numbers in Australia are as follows:

  1. What the charges for the call?

The charges of the call to these numbers completely depend on the factors such as plans of your telephone, provider for your telephone service and the type of phone you are using to call, landline or a mobile phone. The charges for a call from fixed or landline to 1300 number are relatively low and fixed. The charges from a cell phone or mobile phone to these numbers fluctuate depending on your service provider and time.

Though mobile companies are thinking about introducing the plans where calls from cell phones to these numbers will be minimal or completely free, it will take some time for that to happen.

Some mobile phone service providers offer calls to 1300 number in their yearly or monthly plans as well. Normally these plans are called as value mobile plans. These plans are helpful for callers that make various calls to 1300 numbers.

  1. Is it possible for anyone to get these phone services?

1300 numbers can be obtained by any business or company without considering the type and size of your business or company. There are many companies which offer these services, along with receiving charges for the call.