Factors To Consider While Hiring Air Ambulance Service

Air ambulance carries medical equipment needed for critical care and specialized medical staff trained for providing in-flight care. Staff includes paramedics, nurses, doctors, EMT, respiratory therapist, and more.

Air ambulance is an airplane or helicopter. The former is for long-distance transport and latter is commonly used for short distance trauma-related emergency flights.

The best air Ambulance Company is approached, when the patient needs rapid transportation due to a health condition and a ground ambulance is unable to accomplish it. Even when long distance is involved air ambulance is a better alternative because the ground ambulance is impractical.

Factors considered for determining air ambulance

Primary factors taken into consideration are a medical condition, distance, and time.

In case, there is no proper medical facility nearby to take care of critically ill or injured patient with the need to get professional medical care then air transport is a necessity.

If a patient needs long-distance transport to see a specialist or be treated at the certain hospital can be flown from within or different country via air ambulance.

Evaluate air ambulance service

Research is crucial to evaluate a potential air ambulance service. Different companies out there provide medical air transport. Some main things to consider are the license, accreditation, crew training, medical equipment onboard, types of planes, safety record, experience, and services offered.