Reasons Why You Might not be Able to Get Rid of Love Handles on Your Own

Getting rid of love handles can be quite difficult; you may be trying to separate it for years but in haste. However, all your efforts are in vain.

Love handles are hard to lose as most of the fat cells are located in that area. In women’s body fat deposits basically in the hip and thigh area, thereby giving it an illusion of love handles.

Here are some of the things to remove love handles Newmarket, but if these fail, you can visit a clinic to get it removed clinically from a professional and quality beauty clinic –


  • Short your window of eating for 8 hours a day. It may be difficult in the initial phase as the mental aspect is more challenging than physical.
  • You can opt for meditation as it will give great satisfaction and you will be able to control yourself better.

Don’t opt for only Cardio

  • Cardio exercise can help you burn calories, but you can’t just rely on cardio if you want to get rid of love handles.
  • Cardio doesn’t target a particular area you would like to lose calories from.

Stress and alcohol

  • Both stress and alcohol play a major role in gaining weight.
  • Just two glasses of wine intake can increase your calories up to 1500.

Processed starches

  • Too much consumption of processed starch will add calories typically near the love handles.
  • These foods increase the level of blood sugar, thereby making it more difficult to burn the fat.